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Shopify SEO Process

The first month of any Shopify project is fast-paced and crucial, but getting it right sets the stage for future success.

What Does a Typical Shopify Project with Us Look Like?

The first month of any new digital marketing project is critical! This period allows our agency to understand the client and lay the groundwork for their strategy. It also sets the tone for the working relationship and determines future project priorities.

Our approach involves using custom-designed comprehensive data processes to define what a typical project looks like. If you meet our criteria, we input your information into our systems and create personalized data dashboards. These dashboards help us evaluate your site's performance, including revenue sources (branded or non-branded terms), keyword performance, and category and subcategory performance.

These extensive dashboards enable us to analyze thousands of keywords simultaneously.

This process is usually paired with a technical audit to assess the site's overall health.

Combining the data analysis and technical audit results, we can craft a precise SEO strategy and prioritize necessary actions.

Quick and Efficient Analysis

What most agencies do in a quarter, were able to do in a single month…

Recently, we analyzed over 50,000 relevant keywords, clustering them by category, subcategory, product and intent, the results of which suggested that the site’s main navigation needed restructuring. This analysis, confirmed by a comprehensive technical audit, guided us in restructuring the site's main navigation and setting future priorities.

What Does Our Onboarding Process Look Like?

Great agencies, while a rarity to find, move quickly!

Because, without task implementation, you’re not going to see any results. A lot of agencies can take months to get the ball rolling, and of course, things like strategic aspects of a Shopify project are going to take a little longer, but there’s no reason why other critical work can’t be carried out quicker.

Our Onboarding Process Typically Includes:

  • Client Discovery

  • Data Setup and Analysis

  • Initial Research and Next Steps

Upon completing these steps, we're able to:

  • Research and finalize the new main navigation structure

  • Start on a new layout plan and URL mapping

  • Implement initial on-page optimizations

  • Begin optimizing categories and subcategories before navigation updates

  • Repair, replace, and add internal links

  • Advise the client on developer issues to prioritize

The first month of any project is fast-paced and crucial, but getting it right sets the stage for future success.

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