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Formcut SEO Marketing Campaign

Impressive SAAS Marketing for Formcut.

The Client

Formcut, a trailblazing smart retailer, is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its groundbreaking approach. This innovative company has introduced the world's first digital tailor, seamlessly merging in-store and online shopping experiences. Traditionally, made-to-measure tailoring has been viewed as an exclusive luxury, accessible only to a privileged few. However, Formcut aims to democratize the market by providing accessible and affordable custom-fitted men's shirts. Supported by a major global manufacturer, known for its work with esteemed brands like Burberry and Brooks Brothers, Formcut is poised to disrupt the industry.

The Challenge

Formcut faced a significant challenge in transforming the perception of made-to-measure tailoring and making it accessible to a wider audience. The traditional notion of tailored clothing often conjured up images of high prices, lengthy waiting times, and limited availability. Formcut needed to break these barriers and showcase the value and convenience of its innovative approach. They sought to establish themselves as the go-to destination for customers seeking personalized, affordable, and stylish men’s shirts, both in-store and online.

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What We Did

To tackle Formcut’s challenge head-on, our SEO and web design agency devised a comprehensive strategy. We started by conducting extensive market research to identify target audience segments and their preferences. This allowed us to develop a tailored SEO and web design plan that aligned with Formcut’s brand vision and objectives. Our team leveraged cutting-edge tools such as 3D body scanners and employed innovative user experience design techniques to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience. We optimized Formcut’s website for search engines, ensuring that potential customers could easily discover their offerings and understand the value they provided. Through strategic content creation, keyword optimization, and link-building efforts, we crafted a strong online presence for Formcut, establishing them as a leader in the made-to-measure tailoring space.

SEO Success Delivery

Our SEO efforts yielded remarkable results for Formcut. Organic search traffic to their website increased by 150% within the first six months of implementing our strategy. Formcut’s brand visibility and online presence grew significantly, positioning them as a trusted authority in the custom tailoring industry. As a result, their conversion rates skyrocketed, leading to a remarkable 200% increase in online sales. Through our focused SEO approach, we helped Formcut reach a wider audience, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive substantial revenue growth.

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