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SEO Case Study: Govino Glassware

A staggering 6,600% increase in web traffic

The Client

Govino make beer, wine and spirit glasses that are shatterproof, reusable and sustainable. Founded in 2008, their first product was a flexible, shatterproof wine glass designed to help industry professionals showcase their wines in settings where breakable stemware is prohibited or simply impractical. Their products were quickly adapted by the wine industry, and they now sell their wares to companies and consumers all over the world.

The challenge

With an innovative product and brand ideals centred around sustainability, Govino already had a winning business plan. But their online presence didn’t quite match up to their solid business fundamentals.

They came to Market Jar to help them increase their online traffic, get more website orders and grow their revenue.

Results, not promises

We’ve helped clients all over the world to grow their pipeline, and increase their revenue. Here’s what they had to say about working with Market Jar.

It’s time to partner with Market Jar and take your search engine results to the next level

Businesses trust Market Jar to grow online traffic and increase revenue. We don't spend long hours on reports, we focus on implementing actual changes, and you can judge us by our results.


What results did we achieve?

Within just seven months, Govino increased their web traffic by a staggering 6,600%. They started winning more customers and saw a huge increase in both trade and consumer orders through their website. 

They’re now ranking for more than 261 different keywords and absolutely dominating their competitors in the UK market. It means they’re sweeping up most of the search traffic in their industry, which is allowing them to increase their market share and rapidly expand their business.

As ever, we reckon our results for Govino speak for themselves.

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