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Marquee Business Digital Marketing

Impressive results for this stretch-tent business.

The Client

TentStyle, a marquee business specializing in bespoke stretch tent marquee hire, approached Market Jar in early 2019 seeking a transformative solution to enhance their online presence. Frustrated with their previous marketing companies' lacklustre efforts, TentStyle was determined to stand out in the highly competitive and saturated events and marquee hire market. With a passion for creating stunning outdoor events and unique installations using its extraordinary tents, TentStyle desired a brand that would captivate its target audience and set them apart from the competition.

The Challenge

Entering a fiercely competitive market, TentStyle faced the challenge of establishing a distinct brand identity and increasing its online visibility. Their previous website lacked attention and care, failing to effectively showcase the beauty and versatility of their stretch tent marquees. To overcome these hurdles, TentStyle sought to revitalize its online presence, gain recognition for its requested search terms, and generate a growing awareness among its potential customers.

Results, not promises

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What We Did

Market Jar embarked on a comprehensive approach to address TentStyle’s digital marketing needs. We began by overhauling the TentStyle website, implementing a captivating UI/UX design and responsive web design. This revamp breathed new life into the online representation of TentStyle, providing a fresh and engaging face for the business. Additionally, we launched an extensive SEO campaign to optimize their website’s visibility, incorporating targeted keywords and leveraging industry best practices. To ensure the continued success of their digital marketing efforts, TentStyle also opted for our monthly maintenance package, allowing us to monitor and refine their online presence regularly.

SEO Success

Through our concerted efforts, TentStyle experienced remarkable success in its SEO endeavours. By strategically optimizing its website, TentStyle witnessed a significant increase in online visibility and organic search rankings. Customers searching for their requested terms now easily find TentStyle among the top search results. The improved search engine rankings have propelled TentStyle’s brand recognition and increased awareness among its target audience. With a revitalized website and a strong SEO foundation, TentStyle has established itself as a prominent player in the stretch tent marquee hire industry, reaping the benefits of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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