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Double Shopify revenue within 8 months...It's highly possible!

We've done this repeatedly and know what's required...


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SEO: Shopify Businesses Need It!

It's not just about strategy, Google updates, or any of that. It’s about the sheer volume of work needed each month for a Shopify store.

5.6 billion

Google searches every day


Google searches every second


of people research online before buying

In Ecommerce, The Real Challenge is Scale

For most Shopify stores, 60% of revenue comes from people landing on a category or product page, via organic search or Google Ads. Optimising these pages is crucial. But the real challenge is the scale!


Imagine you have 100 categories generating revenue. Adding another 100 could significantly boost your earnings. But how long does it take to do the keyword research for 100 new categories? And then create the pages, add products, write content, and go live?

What most agencies do in a quarter, were able to do in a single month…

Keyword research alone can take a whole day. Creating and optimising each page might take 45 minutes. That’s over 80 hours of work in total.


Here’s the problem: How much time does your agency dedicate to this kind of work?


Excluding "strategy" and other tasks, it’s often no more than 10 hours a month. So, it could take them at least 8 months to finish.


We offer a complete solution for eCommerce brands who want to scale.

We solve the need for speed when it comes to Shopify SEO.  


We understand that store owners have limited time and that most SEO agencies don't have the same high-level capabilities that our proprietary Shopify software offers.


We specialize in creating categories, optimizing pages and internal linking, all at scale.


Ready to see how our Shopify SEO services can change your online presence? Get in touch today.

Completely Customised
(To Your Needs) Reporting

We provide complete transparency into all of the work that we perform. We give each client access to a custom reporting dashboard that shows every single SEO action performed. Clients can track how every dollar of an SEO spend gets used, as well as monitor keyword movement and overall performance. We also provide monthly updates to all SEO clients to review campaign activity and performance.  


Case Studies

We are the partner your team needs to grow faster.

Nora Nicholson
Marketing Manager

"We loved working with the MJ team. They made a huge difference to the launch of the Mirrorless SL range"

Valdemaras Drozd
Growth Lead

"We worked with Market Jar for 2 years, and they were nothing short of incredible & professional at all times"

Kristina Maksimova
Head of Marketing

"We enjoy working with Market Jar and are pleased with the results so far"

What Happens Next?

Book a Growth Audit


We’ll look at your current situation to see what is/isn’t working, identify what’s possible for you in the next 3-6 months, if we can’t help you, we’ll send you in the right direction, if we can, we’ll jump on another call. 

Accelerator Session


Here we'll run through a high-level presentation/proposal & roadmap. We’ll explain to you what level of investment you’ll need for us to achieve your goals. If accepted, we'll send through our T&C's and the 1st invoice.

Campaign Kick Off!


We'll have a kick-off meeting, which will focus on filling in any gaps, and finalising details to complete your project roadmap.

Then; Campaign kicks-off! We'll lead with data, not guesswork! 

  • How long will it take for my business to see a good ROI with SEO?
    This area is highly debated and depends on many factors such as industry, competition and your ultimately your budget! Generally speaking, though, it’s safe to assume that you’ll see visible SEO results within 3-4 months when working with an International SEO Agency like Market Jar. If you're an ecom store on shopify, we are able to utilise in-house software, which will speed up this process. This is our unique advantage over the traditional agency model.
  • Does my business need an SEO agency?
    We believe that having a dedicated marketing agency behind your business can greatly benefit it. Not only will you be able to receive tailored advice and strategy from SEO professionals, but also save yourself time and money when compared to managing SEO on your own. We take the hassle and risk out of the equation, so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business. Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, Market Jar can help provide your business with the SEO services it needs to succeed in today’s digital landscape.
  • How will I know if my SEO is improving over time?
    Every client we have at Market Jar receives a dedicated client portal in which we regularly upload reports, tasks, and analytics. This allows our clients to track their progress over time, and view how their campaigns are performing against their seo goals. This also serves as an important source of data for us when creating strategies for future campaigns, so that we can ensure your business is receiving the highest return on investment possible. Moreover, we also provide our clients with monthly performance reviews in which our consultants will walk you through the results and make sure that the expected seo goals are achieved.


Boost Ecommerce Sales with SEO on Shopify

If you are a Shopify store with over 30 products (because that's where this approach works best of all), we'd love to show you how we can help!

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