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Working With Market Jar

Market Jar is a specialist SEO agency with a particular focus on working with high-ticket businesses. This is the market that we know best, and it’s been our main focus since we began back in 2018.

  • The first month of any Shopify project is fast-paced and crucial, but getting it right sets the stage for future success.

    Shopify SEO Process

    Our technical SEO process refers to all the SEO efforts that will be implemented for your website to gain greater visibility on search engines and stay there ranking.

    Our SEO process & what you can expect

    A lot of our clients have been with us since the start and we’ve been instrumental in their return increasing tenfold.

    Working With Market Jar

  • With Google Tag Manager, you can easily add, update, or remove tags for tracking user interactions, such as page views, clicks, form submissions, and more, all from a web-based interface.

    How To Grant Google Tag Manager Access

    Following our instructions on how to grant access on Google My Business will ensure a simple and secure onboarding process.

    How to Grant Access on Google My Business

    Search Console provides actionable reports and constantly gives health check reminder to your website.

    How To Grant Google Search Console Access

    By having access to this, we’re able to craft a plan that’s data-driven and effective over the long-term.

    How To Grant Google Analytics Access

    How to Securely Share Website Access with Our Team

    How To Give Website Access

  • Change the text and add your own content, including any information that is relevant to share. Then customize the font, size and scale to make it your own.

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    We consolidate our ongoing discussions and queries into our scheduled update calls, which happen bi-weekly, for paying customers.

    Client Campaign Communication

    We increase the automation and efficiency of our client management workflows.

    Our Dedicated Reporting

    We monitor calls and all digital communications to ensure all our staff are treated with respect at all times.

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    Below you will see what can turn clients into the difficult client.

    Our Specific Client Model

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