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Our SEO process & what you can expect

Our technical SEO process refers to all the SEO efforts that will be implemented for your website to gain greater visibility on search engines and stay there ranking.

What Is The Market Jar SEO Process?

Our technical SEO process refers to all the SEO efforts that will be implemented for your website to gain greater visibility on search engines and stay there ranking.

These are the four pillars of SEO:

  • Technical SEO: Ensuring your website is easy for Google to index.

  • On-site SEO: Optimizing content for your target keywords.

  • Off-Page SEO: Building quality white-hat links to boost your domain authority.

  • Content: Creating value-packed content that your potential clients want to see.

SEO is an ever-evolving process that requires constant optimisation of your live website, to cater for search engine algorithms, user demand, and competitor activity. Once you initiate it, you need to stick with it to reap the benefits over time.

What does the SEO process look like?

Month 1 – On-boarding + Campaign setup + Strategy creation

What we will need:

Google Analytics Admin Access

Google Search Console Admin Access

Google Business Manager Access

Google Tag Manager Admin Access

Website Admin Access

This month is all about onboarding, setting up your campaign, and uncovering any potential issues and opportunities. We do this by fixing any immediately significant issues and diving deep into research and data to lay the right foundation for the rest of the campaign.

The first few weeks will be about constructing your marketing strategy, we will document details of everything. This will then be added to the client-facing portal, and a timeline will be created, along with KPI etc.

Depending on the size of your site, and strategy, we front-load as much work as possible to show success quickly. 

**Unique to Market Jar:

  • Set-up of Competitor Watch – 24/7 Competitor Monitoring.

  • Monitor competitor blog articles for product, audience, and strategy insights.

  • Explore competitor ads to uncover new promos and positioning efforts.

  • Track new pages for product releases and pricing changes.

  • Analyze trends related to competitor profile growth, posts, and audience engagement.

Monthly Campaign Tasks Thereafter

On-page optimisation SEO Review & Strategy

  • Technical optimisation – Checking mobile responsiveness, web vitals, and redirects.

  • Meta tags – Optimising title tags, meta description tags, header tags etc.

  • Site speed – Improving site speed to improve user experience/conversions.

  • Site structure – Ensuring search engine-friendly URLs / naming conventions.

  • Conversion review  – Edit contact forms, and phone numbers, and add clear calls to action above the fold.

Technical SEO Website Crawl & Review

  • While during month 1 we resolve any significant issues with the website, each month we crawl your website to monitor and fix most issues that may arise (such as 404 pages, simple duplicate content, canonical tag issues, etc.)

  • For most platforms we can resolve most issues ourselves, however, depending on the CMS, we may need to escalate significant issues to your developers.

  • Money page optimisation – constantly enhancing content on money pages, this persuades Google that your page is still alive and highly relevant.


Posting helpful content is one of the most important things you can do to get ranked by Google and keep potential customers interested in your business. We create high-quality content that will keep your website fresh and at the top of the rankings.

  • Topic ideation – Content subject matter defined in line with core objectives

  • Content – Content marketing strategy mapped out and scheduled

  • Content marketing – Q&A sessions held, leveraging client knowledge

  • Publication – Content is created and published

  • On-page – optimisation is performed in line with content marketing efforts.

For our Dedicated Reporting – see here.

Link Acquisition, Digital PR & Citation Building (If budget allows)

We prioritise specific pages and areas of your business every month to be more strategic about link building. This helps improve campaign performance and expectations and helps better communicate what is being done every month.

For our link acquisition, the major deliverables and actions during every monthly work cycle include:

  • Foundational links – Creating local citations and business listings

  • Review competitors – Reverse engineer competitors to identify link-building opportunities

  • Outreach – Performing continual prospecting and outreach to webmasters, negotiating content and link placements

  • Niche links – Prospect niche specific link building opportunities

  • Link clean-up – Assessing link profile, removing toxic or low-quality links

  • For local businesses, citations (instances of your business name, address, and phone number appearing across the web) are built to help improve local map placements. If you are a local business, acquiring key citations will be prioritised during each work cycle as well. 

  • Digital PR – if you have news to share, that you think the world will find exciting, we will reach out to our database of press writers, who will feature your story in hundreds of publications.

Transparency: All of this will be documented on our portal, so you can see everything that’s going on throughout the process.

What else can you expect?

Help with your TLD (top-level domain), many clients miss a trick with their domain, so we seek to find the most profitable domain for your business. We’ll create a fully loaded strategy, help you source your domain, and even help migrate the domain.

Internal and external workflow automation to organise all your business data and processes.

Whether that’s:

A/B Testing Forms, to maximise conversions

Help finding, and building out a CRM

Setting up customer service procedures

Automating your sales processes

Introductions to logistics providers

Creating packaging for your e-commerce brand

Introductions to packaging designers

Automating repetitive tasks


Automating Internal communications

Automating onboarding processes

Abandoned cart automation

Our CEO has founded several e-commerce, and service-based businesses, and has extensive knowledge in connecting the dots to save you time, and money!

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