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Working With Market Jar

A lot of our clients have been with us since the start and we’ve been instrumental in their return increasing tenfold.

Market Jar is a specialist SEO agency with a particular focus on working with high-ticket businesses. This is the market that we know best, and it’s been our main focus since we began back in 2018.

We see ourselves very much as an extension of your team, and we love working collaboratively. A lot of our clients have been with us since the start and we’ve been instrumental in their return increasing tenfold.


How we work;

Most important: We work with you, not for you.

We can’t work with everybody. With this, we have a pretty firm process that we like to work with. It’s important that we deep dive into who you are, and what you wish to achieve before we can work with one, another. Read on further to see more on this.

We are specialists in the SEO game. Most agencies have a wide breadth of knowledge, but they often lack the depth and experience to be an expert in any of them. What sets us apart is we know the strategies, we know the key metrics, and we'll know what needs to be on your website for maximum growth.

Essentially, a full-service agency is the GP we’re the specialist surgeons that GPs refer to do the highly specific type of work. You’re not going to see a GP doing gastric band surgery out of his patient room.

We use a monthly retainer model. While we do undertake shorter projects (websites), having a retainer in place allows us the flexibility to execute long-term campaigns and act as a strategic partner to our clients. This is a mandatory measure to protect against potential non-payment and cover the costs of our specialist services.

We are proactive. Communication is the key to any successful project. Our team, and in particular your point of contact, will make sure you’re informed of progress every step of the way and will work with you continually to discuss the best way to move each project forward.


Our process:

Let’s say you find out about us and would like to see what we can do for your business. What’s next?

Our first step is to carry out a Free Growth Audit Call, this is essential to ensure the best possible fit.

There is no formal price structure. We run a consultation and price up our client’s requirements.

With this information, we’ll jump on another call to see if our proposal aligns with your goals.


Our Retainer Model

Our service model can be completely tailored to your business. We will build a strategy around your budget, resources and, goals. Our costs are flexible depending on the level of commitment that you’d need from us.

The first payment is due on acceptance, with subsequent payments made on the same date of the month, monthly rolling.

Long-term commitments

We want to work with clients who want to work with us, and we, therefore, don’t believe in locking people into super-long annual contracts. However, in some cases, some of our clients opt to sign longer contracts to ensure they reserve our time well into the future.

What am I paying for?

Operations management

The operations team is responsible for overseeing operations, managing campaigns, managing team members, delegating tasks, and ensuring deadlines are met and objectives are being achieved.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO is responsible for all SEO-related tasks, data analysis, strategy and reporting. This might include site audits, keyword research, competitor analysis, site restructuring and of course, general on-page optimisation (meta tags, site speed etc).

Content team

Content, along with link building is without a doubt, the most time-intensive part of any SEO campaign. It’s also one of the most crucial.

Responsibilities include content creation, rewriting, topic suggestions, editing, and proofing and might also include publishing. It may also include reverse engineering competitor content, depending upon the size of the business.

Link builders

Our link builders are responsible for all off-page-related tasks, such as prospecting for link opportunities, performing outreach and of course link building.

Much like content, off-page optimisation is very time-intensive.

Web developers

Our web developers are responsible for all web-related tasks. This typically involves prepping figma files, site migrations, consolidating content and any other web-related tasks.

Even if you’re not receiving web design, at some point you’ll need assistance from a developer.


Assistants are dedicated team members who are assigned highly repetitive tasks. Their responsibilities are to assist team members working in key positions to perform their jobs with greater efficiency – such as web, content, link building and technical SEO.

A few examples are –

  • Continual prospecting for link-building opportunities

  • Data entry

  • Publishing content

  • Content migration

  • Keeping everyone happy, and so on


We must be clear on the above from the outset, as we have strong processes in place to drive powerful and efficient workflows. Our processes are all about ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of output. It’s this nature that helps expedite output, fast-track results and increase speed and efficiency.

We provide a premium service that often sees our clients make a considerable return on their investment. Clients that are committed, and dedicated to growing their business from the outset should certainly see a return that’s tenfold.

If you are ready to see how Market Jar can help accelerate your business’s growth? Get in touch to book your Free Growth Audit now.

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