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Rabbit Restaurant Animation

Animation for the website of The Gladwin Brothers

The Client

Rabbit Restaurant, a popular dining establishment, approached Market Jar, an SEO and web design agency, in late 2018. Rabbit Restaurant was seeking an engaging animation to effectively promote their BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Monday Night special. Recognizing the power of storytelling, Rabbit Restaurant understood the need for a visually captivating animation that would capture the attention of its audience and convey its unique offerings.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Rabbit Restaurant was to effectively communicate their BYOB Monday Night special to their target audience in a distinctive way. They wanted to move away from traditional content formats and explore the creative potential of animation. Rabbit Restaurant aimed to stand out in a highly competitive market and entice customers with an immersive and imaginative narrative that highlighted the benefits of their special promotion.

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What We Did

Market Jar embraced the unique requirements and creative vision of Rabbit Restaurant. We approached the project with a flexible and bespoke mindset, ensuring that the resulting animation perfectly aligned with the organization’s brand identity and objectives. Our team of talented designers and animators collaborated closely with Rabbit Restaurant to craft a captivating storyline and visually appealing characters that would bring their BYOB Monday Night special to life.

What We Delivered

Within a timeframe of just over a week, Market Jar successfully completed the animation project for Rabbit Restaurant. The delivered animation showcased a whole new dimension of storytelling, utilizing imaginative visuals and engaging narratives to effectively communicate Rabbit Restaurant’s BYOB message. The animation not only captivated the target audience but also helped to build a stronger connection with existing customers. As a result, Rabbit Restaurant witnessed notable positive outcomes, including increased brand awareness, higher customer engagement, and a significant boost in its audience base. Market Jar’s bespoke approach and expertise in animation provided Rabbit Restaurant with an impactful tool that continues to support its marketing efforts and differentiate them in its industry.

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