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SEO Case Study: African Fashion Brand

Shopify SEO for Nkiti; The African Clothing Designer.

The Client

Nkiti Clothing, a prominent fashion brand, approached Market Jar in 2021 with a clear objective - to address their online traffic concerns. Despite having a strong presence offline, they were struggling to convert visitors into customers on their website. Additionally, their blog lacked engaging content, which limited their ability to attract and retain a loyal online audience.

The Challenge

Upon partnering with Nkiti Clothing, we identified the key challenges hindering their online success. Their conversion rate was a major concern, and their blog lacked the necessary content to attract and engage their target audience. It was clear that a strategic approach was needed to improve their website traffic, enhance user experience, and boost conversions.

Results, not promises

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What We Did

Our journey with Nkiti Clothing began with a trial and error-period in which we explored various strategies. Through thorough testing and analysis, we determined that focusing on SEO would yield the most profitable results for their business. Our initial efforts were directed towards filling their blog with high-quality, SEO-friendly content. We diligently worked on optimizing keywords, replacing ones that were not intent-driven, to enhance organic search visibility. This process has been ongoing, with continuous monthly updates to ensure the blog remains fresh and relevant. Furthermore, we provide them with high-quality backlinks monthly and new SEO-friendly articles each week, along with other technical SEO optimizations.

SEO Success

In the six months that we have collaborated with Nkiti Clothing, we have witnessed significant achievements. Notably, 88.6% of their website users are new, indicating a successful expansion of their online reach. The organic traffic generated through our SEO efforts has emerged as their highest converting revenue stream, effectively doubling their original conversion rate.

Our focus on delivering quality backlinks has proven to be a worthwhile investment, solidifying their online presence and boosting their visibility in search engine results.

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